Frequently Asked Questions about Clip 'n Climb Metrocentre

What are your opening times?

  • Monday – Thursday: 11am- 7pm
  • Friday: 11am-8pm
  • Saturday: 10am-8pm
  • Sunday: 10.00am-7pm
  • Check our website for school holiday and bank holidays times as they are subject to change.

How can I book a session?

Head to the home page and click the ‘Book Now’ button and follow the simple steps. You only pay for those putting climbing on the walls.

Can I amend or cancel my booking?

Yes, you can change the date and time of your booking as long as prior notice is given. We do not offer refunds but will move your booking to a new date that suits you.

What happens if I arrive late to my booking?

Late arrivals may not be permitted to partake and refunds are not available for late arrivals or cancellations. We will try our best to accommodate you into the next available session that day, alternatively we can re-book to another day.

Minimum/maximum age for climbers?

Children as young as 2 have enjoyed the walls and there is no maximum age limit for climbers – it really is fun for all the family from grandchildren to grandparent! We recommend from 4 years old, as they tend to have the weight and height to reach holds. There is a minimum weight for belay tapes at 10kg and a maximum weight of up to 150kg (1.5stone / 23.6 stone).

What equipment will I need?

All climbing equipment is provided by us at Clip ‘n Climb Metrocentre. All you need is to wear suitable clothing and footwear.

What clothes should I wear?

  • All climbers must wear climbing appropriate clothing to use on the walls.
  • Flat suitable shoes must be worn. Open toed shoes, flip flops, boots, Crocs, rock shoes, or heels are not permitted to climb the walls. Climbers wishing to use the Drop Slide must be wearing socks.
  • Long hair must be tied back, and all loose jewellery, hats or hoodies must be removed prior to climbing for safety reasons.

Who can climb on the walls?

From beginners to experienced pro’s, from toddlers to oldies. Even those who require a little assistance can climb with the help of our experienced staff.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions are 1 hour, this is a 15 minute briefing session and then 45 minutes in the climbing arena.

Is there somewhere I can buy food/drink?

Yes, we have a café on site that sells food and hot and cold drinks including Costa Coffee.

Is there somewhere for me to watch if I am not climbing?

Yes, we allow one spectator into the arena with their climber. There are tables in the café where spectators can watch from. If you have multiple spectators, you can take it in turns to watch from within the arena, otherwise there are great viewing points from all around the outside of the arena.

Is the Drop Slide included in the session?

No, the Drop Slide is an additional activity that is bought at the site, pre or during your session. You get two turns to see how long you can hold on before going down the slide. This must be taken within your 45 minutes arena time.

How many adults/spectators can come in?

One adult/spectator per climber or group.

Can prams/buggies/wheelchairs come in?

Yes, but where possible they must be kept to the side of the arena. Shopping cars from the Metrocentre are not permitted on site and must be left outside the entrance out of the way.

Can we eat food not purchased on site in the café?

No. Unfortunately customers/guests are not permitted to consume food or drink onsite unless it has been purchased from our café.

What are the Drop Slide restrictions?

Due to safety reasons there is a height restriction climbers must be over 1m to use the Drop Slide and for anyone under 1.2m, the height they can go up to is limited to 5. When using the Drop Slide you must wear the Drop Slide suit and a helmet provided and remove your shoes.

Can I leave my child while I shop?

No. All junior climbers must be accompanied by an adult or a supervisor in case of emergencies.

Can I take pictures of the climbing?

Photography or filming only permitted within private group! If you tag us in your post, we may use your pictures on our social media accounts, and you could be the next face of Clip ‘n Climb Metrocentre!

Are there any toilets at site?

No, the closest ones are situated next to Claire Accessories behind the escalators. We recommend visiting the toilet before we put your harness on.

What offers do you run?

To find out what offers we are currently running, head to our home page or check out our social media channels!

Is there a weight limit?

The weight limit for Clip ‘n Climb is 149kgs (330lbs).

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